Why Choose Frozen Cell

  • Our goal is to give hope to those struggling with infertility. We invite you to partake in our sperm donor program and start building families. At the Frozen Cell, we are firmly committed to provide the highest standards of patient care and only the most exceptional caliber of donor sperm.

  • We had laid the foundation of Frozen Cell with cluster of thoughts, aspirations and baseline. Every institution wishes to flourish in their respective fields so do we. Therefore, we look forward for a Global Market of Infertility to create a chain of sperm bank with uniform standard all across the globe.

  • The journey of beginning the venture of Sperm Banking through FROZEN CELL was not easy so far. Our never ending and tireless efforts have come out with flying colors completing 18 long years which has surely given us an enthusiastic turn over in the field of medical interventions.

IUI Catheter is a Drug Item. Don't Use Spurious IUI Catheter